Amateur QRP Field weekend event 2016

det här spektaklet går av stapeln den 8 – 10 Juli det är INGEN contest,

Tid: 48 timmars period. (12:00 UTC Fredag – 11:59 UTC Söndag)

Rule #1 Be courteous to others on the air.
Rule #2 HAVE FUN!!!

Saxat från deras FB sida.

Goal: Work as many Amateur QRP Radio members as you can, (( member number AQR 035 is SM5MEK,) red.)
from your shack or operating portable. Keep track of how many
Amateur QRP Radio members you contact and tell everyone else
about our Amateur QRP Radio Facebook group!
SSB (Single Sideband)
40 metres – 7.185 MHz
20 metres – 14.285 MHz
17 metres – 18.145 MHz
15 metres – 21.285 MHz
10 metres – 28.365 MHz

Mer info medlemmar, logglista mm.