Copy of Miracle Whip antenna for pedestrian mobile.

I found on the ’net’ a description of a copy of Miracle Whip Antenna. It’s very simple to do, I had the parts at home. It will cover the area of 40-10 meters amateur radio bands. QRP effects is recommended otherwise it will be enough hot. It consists of a rotary capacitor with plastic slats that insulation (polyvaricon), a small ceramic disc capacitor of 10pF, and a switch with 6 poles which connect a coil wound on a ferrite core is suitable, e.g. T50-6 and connectors of the desired type and a telescopic rod of about 1.5 meters.



The model in the drawing is developed by VK3YE. My version also has a socket for wire antenna. The original was designed by VK2EVB Peter and published in Lo-Key December 2002.

This construction will be interesting to try, right now I have only tried the SWR and it was easy, very easy to tune the antenna, it will be better if you have some ground plane, a line a few meters may suffice.