Lightship Västra Banken.

Lightship No. 22 Västra Banken
Position N 60 54, O, 17:55         ILLW reference number is SE0067.
Earliest lightship in 1881. The current lighthouse Automated 1970.
Lightship station NO Gävlebukten of Bothnia has three lightships minister: 1881-1899 Lightship No. 7 Volcano, 1900-1924 Lightship No. 22 Västra Banken, 1924-1970 Lightship No 23 Kopparstenarne. 1970 was replaced lightship station with caisson lighthouse of the same name. (Västra Banken)
Here you will find very useful information about the lightship Västra Banken. The ship has been rebuilt and modernized several times. Nowadays it is the upper part of the hull and deck buildings located in Öregrund, see picture below.

I will activate this lightship during ILLW 2016 last weekend in August. My call will be SM5MEK/LH or /LS, my ordinary call is SM5MEK.
QSL via buro and also eQSL and LOTW.

From Uppsala travel by bus 811 all the way to Öregrund and ferry mode, or Hakanssons street at summer traffic.

Visit Roslagen
Swedish Lighthouse Society
ILLW International Lighthouse Lightship week.

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