QRP Rendez-Vous Club 72.eng

2016 01 05 10:00 to 10:55
Ran across a rendezvous with Club 72. I got 2 stations, not much. It was R1OA Andy, who drove 5 W and got me the report 599, I got my 2 W report 449. It was partially QSB.
So I got after a few cq calls response from a TF / RA1M Stepan, with locator HP94bb, Reykavik. He got after I directed the antenna 180 degrees 599 for his signal from a KX-3, 5 W out to a GP. I got 589 on my 2 W. It was deep QSB on the signal.
Is actually pleased with these contacts so this morning. Now i hear some stations faintly in the background and at the time of writing, there are two stations that call CQ on the same FQ. 🙂 (11:20 14,060.)