Vertical with the 80m band. (VA-3) Eng.

Vertical with the 80m band. (VA-3)
Now it floats on with the antenna experiments.
I’ve done a vertical with a longer coil so now I have even 80 meters on it. It is built in the same spirit as the other, an old tripod which supports the bottom, then connecting with insulator and a BNC connector and unun 1: 1 and strain relief, then a 70 cm 10 mm thick alu. pipe up to the coil section. From the coil a telskopic rod. in my case, 3 m rod from Buddipole. The coil is somewhat different, with 200 turns on a 20mm plastic pipe and plenty of empty space both at the top (5.2 cm) and the bottom (7.5 cm) on the bobbin. As usual, I plasticised an 8 mm threaded nut in the bottom of the bobbin, but it is open at the top. Threaded sleeve is connected to the coil.
Since it sits a sleeve, almost as long as the bobbin, with 25 mm diameter. The top of it is a nut UNF 3/8 ”-24 the stronghold of teleskopic rod. On the outside of the sleeve is a thread from the nut down to a small point of contact at the bottom where it is otherwise open.
This sleeve is slipped onto the coil (when the plastic is hardened through properly). Yes now you can maybe rekognice the model. ? (MP-1 look a like)
It is safe to use a shorter rod when I got to 80 meters just above the middle of the coil with 3 m whip. Now I will not have the delicate thread between the tuning slider and coilbottom. When transporting located throughout the coil – winding protected in the sleeve.

I tried the antenna for the first time on 22/9 and succeeded despite poor conds get a number RBN recipients to sign me, including SK3W of 80 meters. A 5 W QSO was running at 10:44 Z with DK5AX / p, he gave 599 to 7033 KHz. He ran from the EU0057.

.After This, I have made some changes in the package. Now I have two 33 cm long tubes bottom part. These are in line with the length of the tripod retracted and the coil length rafted and the intended teleskopic rod, rafted 33 cm and full length 170 cm. (168 acc. Buddipole) This gives me a complete package that fits in my rucksack. Nothing that stands out and gets stuck in the branches etc. Antenna parts are protected between the tripod legs and all other parts balun and mounts and earth cables can fit in it for the purpose homegrown bag.


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Think of the very good ventilation when working with polyester resin. The solvent styrene can be really nasty. Styrene today can not be bought over the counter but it is good to wash with acetone. Do not overfill the ends, the inner section is enough 3-4 cm in the outer section of approximately 1.5 to 2 cm. The small contact area which is at the lower edge of the outer tube to reach down to the last lap of the coil. Cover the nuts thoroughly before filling the plastic mass as it comes in lots of threads. Let it all be one day so it cures out completely in the room heating. Then try as tubes running into each other, for not clearing away the plastic on the sides of the outer tube, if necessary. finish by buffing with sandpaper, gently. When it suits grind down the surface of the coil as lacquer and possible. Plastic disappear for good contact. Now the antenna is done, the bottom part allows for your needs.